[YS TV] "How do you sell a product to people who don’t know what they want?”- Sameer Segal, Artoo


Artoo is a Tech company focusing on creating platforms and solutions for all kinds of enterprises that have field forces working at the Base of the Pyramid. Started in mid-2010, the company works around building technology that can assist an easy flow of data across various levels of an organization, right from the Base of the Pyramid to the top level. Artoo basically delivers to companies that work around financial inclusion, healthcare, and energy access. These sectors require extensive fieldwork coupled with humongous paperwork. Artoo reduces this paperwork as it transfers all the data onto the Cloud thus enabling easy sharing among various stakeholders.

Sameer Sehgal, Co-Founder, Artoo, recently visited the YourStory Studio and shared with us some amazing insights into the tech-business front of Artoo and the social aspect involved in its working. He also accentuated the fact that addressing a pain point is very important for a startup. “Healthcare is the single biggest industry that could suddenly explode if things work out, and energy access has become quite popular, even with Social VCs. So, there are lot of startups who are doing interesting work in these fields and they all look at technology as a big differentiator for their work. The financial inclusion is where we have a large pool of clients, and the other two are comparatively small where we can introduce our technology offerings”, says Sameer talking about the potential of the technology that Artoo offers.


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