Hubbl: A Telescope for the App Universe


Google play and the Apple app store collectively have over 1.2 million apps. So, if you’re an app developer with an app in any of these highly competitive marketplaces, my deepest sympathies. It is a galaxy of apps and finding them is difficult. This is a problem for

both the developer and the user.This vast galaxy of apps needs a telescope of Hubble proportions and Hubbl, the app, is just that.

Finding the right app is a problem for users as well as developers. Hubbl addresses pain points of both these parties in the following manner –

i) For users – Acts as a word-of-mouth platform for apps and facilitates app discovery from conversations, media and friends.

ii) For Developers – Provides developers a portal that helps them promote their app and be part of conversations or chatter among users.

Hubble was born off the ideas of two technology enthusiasts, Archana PatchiRajan and Kushal M Choksi.

The working

Hubbl allows the users can suggest various tags for an app. For e.g.: Path, in orthodox categorization comes under social networks but a path user I can tag it as #CoolPhotoFilters. So another user searching for photos filters can find path through its prior tag.

Also, Hubbl’s features are weaved in with a social and a gaming layer with real world rewards that hopes to engage users and also provide an avenue for indie app developers to identify and connect with their target audience.

Who is it for?

When asked about the audience Hubbl targets, an spokesperson from Hubbl said, “What prompted the download of the last app on

your phone? You heard people talking about it, or you read about it in the media or a friend recommended it to you - There is no platform that exists today to facilitate all of the above. Anyone with an Apple iPhone or an Android smartphone is a potential Hubbl user.

Hubbl for apps is just a start. Soon we'll be introducing this concept for all digital media like movies, books, videos.”

The Hubbl app for iPhone is scheduled for release soon, and an android app is in the making. Until then, here is Hubbl web app (Beta).