In Conversation with Aryaka Post the Series C Funding Round [Exclusive]


Companies are increasingly becoming global and have offices around the world. Tech startups in India almost by default have an office in Silicon Valley as well as their local offices in their respective cities. Access and exchange of data between these offices is equipment dependent and SME’s cannot afford this.

Providing an alternative for the SME segment, which cannot afford dedicated equipment, is Aryaka. Aryaka offers cloud based WAN optimization. It

was founded by Ajit Gupta and Ashwath Nagaraj. They are both from IIT- Ajit is from IIT-Roorkee and Ashwath is from IIT-Chennai. The current team size is 140 today and is based off a California Silicon Valley headquarters and their Bangalore got in touch with Sonal Puri, VP marketing and sales at Aryaka.

Series C Funding

Aryaka is in the elite group of companies that have managed to be successfully funded beyond series A. What makes this more impressive is that they have managed to do this in less than 3 years.

“This journey is never easy- as every entrepreneur will tell you. Building and running a successful business and keeping the momentum going while at the same time, spending the time to go out and raise additional capital to fuel its growth takes determination and grit of a different kind. Series A is based on a vision, an idea, a compelling market and a great team. Series B is usually possible if the company has been able to prove a working product and some level of market adoption- the first set of beta customers and their willingness to pay for the solution. And Series C- perhaps the most difficult of all is based on wider market acceptance and revenue. We have been fortunate to have a great vision, a large market opportunity, a product that delivers as promised and delighted customers that not only pay us for the solution but refer their friends and are willing references” said Sonal, about Aryaka’s funding experience.

Acceptance so far and Cracking the B2B market

Aryaka is the only cloud based WAN optimization solution in the world. Using patent pending technology, Aryaka has customers from 16 countries today ranging from US, India, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, Germany and others. They come from various verticals including Technology – Hardware, Software, Semiconductors and Business Services, Technology- Industrial and Consumer, Architecture and Construction and Logistics.

When asked about how difficult it is to crack the B2B market, Sonal said “Cracking B2B sales is not an easy formula – it varies based on what you are selling, who your target market is, what their needs are and how compelling your solution is in addressing their needs. The only advice that applies universally is to make sure your product is ready and people will pay to buy it before you hire a big sales team. Hire good people and share your vision with them. They will work with you through the ups and downs of market adoption and help you to be successful.”

With a grand vision of “growing Aryaka into a multi-billion dollar public company offering multiple solutions over the new enterprise WAN- the first of which is WAN optimization as a service”, Aryaka has grown fast and is growing even faster, and with their recent series C funding, is making all the right sounds.

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