India Symposium to be held to foster economic & social reforms between India and German speaking European Nations


The India Symposium is an annually recurring, not for profit, Top-Management and Leadership conference which aims to foster theeconomic and social relations between India and the German-speaking regions of Europe, consisting of Switzerland, Germany and Austria actively and sustainably, through the exchange of experiences, expertise and networks.EU and India: The Current Situation

“Trade and investment relations are currently at a moderate to low level; there is much that can be done,” informed Dr. Sigu Muringaseril, Founder &Chairman, India Symposium. Overall trade grew to a sizable volume of now approximately 80 billion (2.5% of EU’s global trade volume) with both regions accounting for almost equal shares in exports and imports. At investment level India receives less than 2% of EU’s FDIs.

However, FDI inflow from EU into India is 9 times higher than outflow from India into EU. Major trade basket items include: machinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, chemicals and related products, mineral fuels, lubricants etc. Picture of economic relations with member states / at country level is very heterogeneous.

“Economic relations are expected to continue growing; however to unleash the true potential, continued economic and regulatory reforms are required.” said Ajith Tom Mooken, Vice-Chairman, India Symposium.

To help this situation, the India Symposium 2012 is scheduled to happen in Zurich on September 28th, 2012. Aimed at helping to reduce information and network asymmetry between Europe and India, the one-day conference mainly comprises of speeches, presentations and various industry-group specific panel sessions. Questions at micro level will be related to operative market environments of the participating panel companies in India. The discussions will be complemented with comprehensive industry specific reports.

The topic for this year’s symposium is “Navigating through short-term challenges”. More information on the event as well as the top-notch speakers can be retrieved from the official homepage:

Who is it for?

The profile of attendees is as follows: 80-90% entrepreneurs and corporate executives (e.g. Export Managers, International Sales Directors, Heads of Business Units, Regional Managers, Country Managers, CEOs & MDs) and 10-20% young professionals, member of the academic community (e.g. Faculties, Researchers and Students) as well as dignitaries (e.g. Minister, Ambassador or State-Secretary).

Business benefits can be derived from the in-depth discussions as well as ample opportunities to networking at the event. Moreover, the organizers also seek to establish and facilitate business between interested parties post event.

The journey for the India Symposium till now has been challenging but fascinating. It’s mainly driven by youth and students who work on an honorary basis. To give a success story instance, Switzerland based global energy infra company signed a deal worth approx. half a billion dollar with Indian subsidiary of a foreign bank based on the contacts established at the India Symposium!

A fruitful event indeed, future plans exist to extend the scope of the conference as to also increasingly providing European market insights in the future for outbound business interests from India.

Registrations through YourStory profit from a 20% discount on the conference fee..All interested people are requested to get in touch with Chandan Raj at as soon as possible.


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