Introducing App Fridays; A platform for Indian Smartphone Apps

0 is proud to bring you App Fridays; an initiative to provide a platform for smartphone apps built by Indian developers and entrepreneurs. On the Friday of every week, we will review an interesting smartphone app and publish it on the website.

Why App Fridays?

Between Android and iPhone, there are over a million apps on their app stores. Add another 100,000 apps from the Windows

and Blackberry platforms and what you have is a very large repository of smartphone apps. In fact, there are now apps that find and suggest apps to users!On the internet, where there are numbers, there is a monetization opportunity. The smartphone app stores have made many a millionaire and their stories have inspired a large number of entrepreneurs and individual developers to build businesses around smartphone apps.

There are not many India Specific apps in the market and the ones that are there will never make it to a user’s smartphone because of stiff competition posed by the numerous other apps on the app stores. This however, is not suggestive of the quality of Indian apps.

There are so many top quality apps built by Indian app developers and companies and they deserve a platform to be showcased and App Fridays by is going to be that platform.

Review parameters

Apps will be reviewed on the following areas –

i) The function of the app – Application software performs a function for the user. A great app will perform a great function and this is our first criterion for review.

ii) Effectiveness – Intention is one thing; performance is another. Our second criterion for review is how well the app performs its function

iii) Innovation – There might be many apps that do the same thing, but one app could do it really well because of innovative engineering solutions. This is our third criterion for review.

iv) UI and UX – A great looking app and a great user experience can negate mediocrity in all of the above criterions! The “look and feel” of your app is the fourth and final criterion for review.

If you think your app satisfies all our criterions, fill out this form and we will get back to you on whether we think the same or not! If yes, we will feature your app on App Friday!

App Friday starts as of today and we will shortly put up our first review.