LinkedIn Report: India is No. 3 among Top Locations for Small Business Professionals


LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with more than 175 million members worldwide and over 16 million in India, today released new data about its popularity among small business professionals.

LinkedIn looked at how many small business professionals are already members on the platform and found that India ranks

3rd in the number of SMBs that have a presence on LinkedIn. Among the 200 countries analyzed, LinkedIn revealed that 1,012,058 SMB professionals were from India. For the purposes of this study, LinkedIn defined small business professionals as LinkedIn members who currently work at a company that has between 11 to 500 employees. LinkedIn’s data revealed that globally, there are 15,222,964 LinkedIn members who are currently small business professionals and 75 percent of whom reside in 10 countries around the world.Here are the top five countries with the most small business professionals on LinkedIn are:

  1. United States (There are 6,874,850 LinkedIn members in the U.S. who are small business professionals. Their occupations range from an accessories designer all the way to a yacht broker)
  2. United Kingdom (There are 1,059,303 LinkedIn members in the U.K. who are small business professionals)
  3. India (There are 1,012,058 LinkedIn members in India who are small business professionals)
  4. The Netherlands (There are 597,010 LinkedIn members in the Netherlands who are small business professionals)
  5. Canada (There are 579,253 LinkedIn members in Canada who are small business professionals



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