Lyricize brings English, Hindi and Tamil Song Lyrics to Your Mobiles


How often does one hear a brilliant composition or an awesome new song when you are on the go? Like many people you love the music but can’t get the lyrics without a great deal of searching. Also if you listen to music on your mobile phone like the rest of the world would it not be great to have the lyrics on your handset. Not to worry. In the world of smart phones , with android apps being developed for everything imaginable, nothing is impossible in fact such an app is already here !

Lyricize is a music player that gets lyrics for most English, Bollywood and Kollywood songs on your smartphone.

When asked about the spark that ignited this idea, developer Mukund M. , Final year student, CSE,SSN College of Engineering says “ I love listening to Bollywood songs but do not really know Hindi . There was no particular app from where I could get the lyrics and hence thought why not develop one myself ? And hence Lyricize”. “English songs have a wider, global reach and Tamil , being my mother tongue , I decided to include English and K-wood songs as well “, he says.So how is Lyricize different from other similar apps? It is the only app that gets you the lyrics for songs in Tamil and Hindi.

It offers the various features such as full-screen mode and auto-scrolling- the lyrics get scrolled as the song plays. The listener can list a song as a favourite using the “favourites” tab in the homescreen. You can shuffle between songs as you please. And, If the lyrics do not match , you can load different lyrics and go with the one you find most accurate. The app can be added as a widget in your homescreen and can be used even when the screen is locked . The user can play , pause and stop without going into the trouble of unlocking the screen.

And most important of all, if the lyrics of a song are not available , the user can report it and it’ll be made available in 48 hours !

What do the users say ?

The no. of downloads in the past two and a half months is around 6000.Most users have rated the app five on five but some find that lyrics for most Bollywood songs are not available.

 Karthik Sridhar, student of Chemical Engineering says “ I have been using this app a few days now. You don’t have to explicitly download the lyrics. It searches for the lyrics by checking it against the title/artist and loads it immediately. When it’s not what I’m looking for, I can easily go enter the artist/album in the search box.” “I couldn’t get lyrics for my favourite Bollywood songs, most of them popular. I have reported it. That’s another great feature- to be able to request for lyrics by reporting its unavailability”, he says.Saranya ,a 2nd year student says, “ I rarely listen to English songs. I feel I connect more with songs in my regional language rather than English/ Hindi. And this is the only app that gets lyrics in my native tongue as well.”

The current version of the app is Beta 1.0.6 and can be downloaded for free on smart phones with android version 2.3 or higher.” A newer version is coming up shortly. I also plan to branch out further and include more international languages , such as German as well”, says Mukund.

“Chikini Chameli…..”and you don’t know what comes after? You don’t have to re-wind to get the words right, Or ask a Hindi-speaking friend to tell you what it .Now you have another option. Download Lyricize, sit back and sing along.

Want to download Lyricize? Download .

Author credit: Akshaya Bhat