Mumbai Based Titbit, a Valuable Group Division Provides an Interactive Digital Menu Platform


Titbit, a B2b offering, is a part of the Valuable group and provides a Digital Menu Platform specially designed for the food and catering industry. Titbit aims to take a customer’s dining experience to a whole new level.This application, so called titbit is preinstalled on an iPad. Customers are handed this iPad which appears to be a digital menu comprising of high resolution images of menu items, prices, advanced search options, estimated delivery time and latest offers. Apart from this, customers can customize or personalize their orders.

This application also includes several other features such as online social networking, online ordering service, home delivery facility etc. turning the experience all the more worthwhile for diners and restaurant owners alike. Titbit offers a 24 /7 service which means and a unique feature about this application is that it can store multiple addresses as well as past transactions thereby promoting the ease of prompt orders and deliveries.

"Restaurant owners can confidently look forward to optimal returns of their capital investments, new business opportunities, customer loyalty and impulsive buys. More so, it is Titbit that undertakes the entire cost of hardware, software, implementation and maintenance of the titbit system at the particular restaurant or chain of restaurants. In return the restaurants have to pay Titbit a certain portion of the new revenue hence generated. This digital menu platform called titbit is a promising business model for restaurant owners in India," informs the spokesperson.

Titbit is now functioning in some of the leading restaurant chains in India including Mainland China, Andheri Mumbai, iBar Bandra Mumbai, Prego Westin Pune, Flavors New Delhi, Mumbai Mirchi Andheri, Mumbai, Nothing Authentic New Delhi, Filfil Versova Versova Mumbai and Pebbles Andheri, Mumbai.

Apart from the iPad service, the online food ordering service has tie ups with over 400 restaurants in Mumbai and Pune. Customers can pay online or on delivery according to their suitability.

Website: Titbit