So, What's the story behind the Mobstac-Google Partnership?

So, What's the story behind the Mobstac-Google Partnership?

Wednesday September 12, 2012,

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The partnership between Google and Mobstac may seem like just another startup-corporate alliance, but upon closer inspection, it seems like Google has thought this one through. For the past few years Mobstac has been building a powerful tool which can port websites to mobile phones through a HTML 5

based platform.The tool is needed to reach to the masses of subscribers, and with this partnership reach it will definitely get it. caught up with Sharat Potharaju, CEO and cofounder of Mobstac.

Going Mobile

Mobstac’s solution is a hybrid HTML 5 based website publisher which can convert a desktop site into a mobile app or a mobile website. Sharat said “Given how fragmented the mobile ecosystem is, the need was a one stop solution for publishing mobile sites. Publishers need to go mobile as 75% of internet users are also on a mobile platform."

“There are numerous mom and pop solutions for going mobile. HTML 5 is powerful and it works across platforms and our platform is based on it. It will work as both as a native app and on a web browser.”

On the Google Alliance

“Google has the largest network of publishers, so who better to partner with” Said Sharat when asked about Google’s role in the partnership. “As a result of this, Google understands publishers the best. They have a thorough understanding of the needs of the publishers. Google will provide our technology as a service to their large publisher network.”

One of Google’s greatest acquisitions in the recent past was Android, which was also a startup and we all know what happened next with that. This partnership addresses a burning issue and with Google’s marketing muscle, it is only a matter of time before Mobstac’s platform begins to power a large chunk of the world’s mobile sites.

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