Stanford University Launches 16 Free Online Courses


Stanford has always been a place for entrepreneurship. Ask the founders of Google, they are from Stanford. Stanford university has recently announced its latest list of free online courses for this quarter. The sixteen courses will be offered through Coursera and two other new platforms for interactive learning. Coursera will host nine out of the sixteen courses. Coursera works with about sixteen universities taking their courses online.Among the courses, there are several courses specifically focusing on entrepreneurship. Technology Entrepreneurship is a team-based course, taught by Chuck Eesley, assistant professor of management science and engineering. This course was one of the popular ones from their course list last spring. Last year this course had 37,000 students enrolled. Venture Lab, one of the new learning platforms will host this course. This platform was designed to accommodate classes in which students work in teams.

There is also a course on Finance that would come in handy for aspiring entrepreneurs. Startup Boards is a course on advanced entrepreneurship. Interestingly, all the entrepreneurship courses will be hosted on Venture Lab. After all, entrepreneurship is not about working alone. It is about team work.Students interested in these courses should register on the Stanford Online website. Want to know about all the free online courses offered by Stanford? Take a look at or check out their .