Rachit Mehta: Finding Success through Cans, Not can'ts


He was just another kid, or so they thought. But Rachit Mehta did not care much to differ. Even now he looks back and describes himself as mediocre with a quirky smile on his face. No one suspected the deep currents that ran under the seemingly still surface. Who would have imagined that Rachit Mehta would be the person to become the Regional Head of an international brand like Red Bull at the young age of 20, that too right out of college?

Rachit Mehta was like any other regular kid through school, more focused on the field than studying off the field. Luckily for Rachit, he has been an ace swimmer at state level through school and later. His grades well, they were somewhere down the list until one day when his grades in physics took a sudden dip in class 9.That stone throw, shook little Rachit causing the most beautiful ripples, that haven’t seemed to seize.

Later, college years at St.Xaviers College, Kolkata took Rachit to new shores. For a mediocre student, Rachit did manage fairly well through college. He was made swimming captain and apart from topping the college in his 2nd year, and being a part of the team that conceptualized and executed the International Marketing Summit in his college, which was a huge success. “While working for INERTIA , I missed out on my interview for Google” he says with no regret. Rachit seemed to understand that the only person he would ever be up against was himself. Had he paused, he may have probably given thought to his future, but he didn’t! A chanced encounter had a friend telling him about a job opportunity at Red Bull, and he was open to new waters as always. Well, he sure didn’t have in mind the several trips out of Calcutta, the 7 rounds of interviews, the psychometric test, and making of business plans along with juggling with his last 3 months of college Interestingly, They were looking for someone qualified and experienced, while this kid wasn’t even a graduate yet and youngest applicant for the job profile.He was definitely up against a storm, or were they? He went ahead anyway, and took everyone by surprise living up to every challenge placed before him. He was recruited by Red Bull while still in college. He started work straight after graduating.13th April 2011 at age 20 Rachit Mehta was made Field Marketing Specialist for the eastern region, having to set up and manage a team of 25 people all by himself. Red bull an International brand, had vested its entire set up in a completely new region in his young hands. He did not have time to crack the CAT exams he says, but he sure did crank that can! Rachit Mehta was definitely one of those who knew that success comes through cans, not cant’s!!

Author credit: Anna Dias