Teachers' Day Roundup: MangoReader Gives Books For Free, GyanExchange Has a Contest


Teachers' Day is celebrated in many countries on October 5th but India celebrates it on September 5th as a tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birthday. The Education Sector is in focus and amazing things are happening in the startup community. We, at Yourstory.in recently concluded Edustars, an event to recognize Education startups alongside Accel Partners. And we have two updates from the Education Startups today.

A Pune based startup, MangoReader who was recently adjudged an Edustar is on a mission to make books interactive, engaging and fun. MangoReader has an ambition to not only redefine books and publishing, but reinventing the way people learn. On teachers day, Jagdish Repaswal, the founder said, "We are giving away all our books for free and would like to give these free on literacy day too which is 8th September."

This Teachers’ DayGyaanexchange brought an opportunity that allows one to acknowledge his or her teacher in an earnest manner. It lets you participate in the “Tag Your Teacher” Contest by giving your special teacher the most precious gift of all – Appreciation & Acknowledgement. All one has to do is send across an interesting write up of 100 words narrating an incident with the person whom you would want to tag as your special teacher. There are prizes to be won for the same.

Are you an education startup? Tell us what you did this Teachers' Day?


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