The Windows 8 App Challenge is here!

We at are proud to present to you the Windows 8 App Challenge: an invitation to startups in India to unleash ideas through apps. The Windows 8 App Challenge will test your team’s ability to design and build a WindowsStore app that takes advantage of Windows 8 features and design principles to deliver an experience that wows people, not only in India but across the globe.

Why should you participate?

There's never been a better time to build apps. If you’re a startup aspiring to delight your customer through digital channels, Windows 8 is a good platform to leverage. Windows 8 is set to launch, hardware manufacturers are readying new devices, and millions of consumers are expected to upgrade. In this exciting phase, it might be prudent to have your app be the first of its kind in the Windows Store so you can engage with your existing and prospective customers in new and immersive ways.

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Disclaimer: Company Name and Windows 8 app link of participants may be shared with Microsoft. Please read the Privacy Policy of Microsoft for more details


Developer downloads – This single page gives access to all of the downloads you need to build apps, including Windows 8 RTM, Visual Studio Express 2012, design assets, code samples, and additional SDKs and tools.

Design resources – All Windows 8 design resources are located at See case studies, category guidance, and get a new downloadable version of the UX guidelines for Windows 8 apps.

Developer content – The ‘Docs’ section of the Windows Dev Center is updated for RTM including more detailed API docs, new How-to articles, a new section for developing apps with C++ and DirectX, and many more samples.

Selling content – Find the Windows Store markets, how to price apps, and the latest versions of the Windows Store agreements including the App Certification Requirements.

Community content – Access to developer forums, blogs etc.


Windows 8 app developer blog: Get coding and design best practices and tips, and updates on events and offers for developers.

Windows Store for developers blog: Get all the latest news on doing business in the Windows Store.

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