Viral Hour II @ StudentStory : Indian Education | Tech vs Non-tech Startups | TechSparks 2012


We are back with our 2nd Viral Hour @ StudentStory after an amazing response from you in our first Viral Hour !

Education is one of the fields where developing nations really need the help of entrepreneurs. And The School Fund is one such brilliant examples helping out this cause !

We want to ask you :

  • Literacy rate in India is reported to 74.04% in 2011 which is still below world average literacy rate of 84%. What do you think are the biggest challenges that Indian Education is facing today ?
  • We want to know from you, any small action steps which we as a growing community of thousands now can take immediately to see some changes ?

Technology Startups vs non-tech startups ; Ministry of Supply has point to make here ;)

  • If you have an idea , is it an online product /service or its an offline startup ?
  • Knowing the fact that internet penetration is only 10% approximately even today , do you think it is difficult to penetrate market via online than offline or vice-versa ?

TechSparks 2012 [ ]

We have Grand finale of India's biggest discovery platform for Technology Startups , and we are going to give away 50% discount to anyone and everyone participating in this discussion today.

  • Also we would want to know from you , what are the 2 important key takeaways that you expect from TechSparks 2012 ?

We would be happy to hear from you .

After each of the above questions is asked by "Team SS" , you can pour in your views !

Here we go and our Viral Hour II is on !


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