Vista 2012, IIM Bangalore: Get funding up to Rs.5crores

Monday September 10, 2012,

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In a world advancing at break-neck speed, there are certain absolutes that should have remained so. However at times human greed is so short-sighted that longevity hardly remains a concern. The Environment is one such absolute that should not have been tampered with. The specters of our fore-fathers' actions haunt us and yet we create more for the future generation to endure.But, like every cloud has a silver lining, this one has several. Humanity has finally awakened to the challenge at hand and in fine style too. The cleanliness campaigns organized the world over is proof enough of this contention. To contribute to this cause and to further the 'Go Green' movement, 'Vista, 2012' has adopted the 'Challenge Convention, Transform Tomorrow' campaign. Vista would like to reach out to the entire business community and the academia to communicate the importance of adapting, evolving and benefitting from green initiatives. Vista 2012, IIM Bangalore is set to happen from September 28 – 30, 2012.

At Vista, 2012, IIM-Bangalore will estimate and reduce its environmental impact through in house activities including the usage of eco-friendly products, recycling waste, car-pooling, open air events, video conferencing, etc. 'Challenge Convention, Transform tomorrow' initiative invites every member of the global business community to contribute to Mother Earth simply by assuming the mandate of civic responsibilities to usher the future generations into a safer and cleaner world.Vista 2012 has a number of flagship events including their flagship entrepreneurship event - Bzzwings which is open themed B-plan contest. Select teams will be shortlisted to the final round and will be allotted mentors from Vista’s Knowledge Partners to assist them in their preparations. At stake apart from the prize money, is a possibility of incubation as well.

Register here to apply for their B-plan contest.

For more details contact:

Shilpa Suresh : +91 72594 93290

Monika Tanwar : +91 88841 00228

Ramanjit Anand : +91 88841 00286


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