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Yoga is making a comeback in India the land where it was invented at a very fast pace. Even doctors are suggesting yoga to their patients. All hotels have yoga offerings, corporates are providing yoga classes to their employees. So as the number of people who want to do yoga is increasing the number of classes which provide yoga services is also on the rise. Earlier yoga classes were not professional but now they are going the spa and gym way. There are already more than 500 yoga classes in Mumbai only. A lot of youngsters who are tech savvy are entering this industry as entrepreneurs, are starting their yoga classes and are ready to use technology to gain a competitive advantage. Because of this pressure from new generation tutors even older schools are now looking at technology and professional guidance for running their classes.

YogaGuruji is India's only yoga portal that provides online yoga classes, management software and leads to yoga classes and teachers. Also yoga enthusiasts can find credible yoga classes and teachers in their locality.

InvertedTree Solutions LLP, YogaGuruji’s parent firm, is a team of creative, passionate and seasoned professionals. They specialize in providing IT Consulting, services and products for SME’s and small businesses. They have worked on UX and logo designing, website Development and logo design, application maintenance and mobile development.

Hemant Kshirsagar did his MBA (Systems) from Symbiosis Center for Information Technology and after that worked with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Limited for 4 years before starting InvertedTree Solutions LLP.

YogaGuruji from the entrepreneur’s perspective has the following offerings:

Branch and Batch management: Yoga classes/teachers can create and manage multiple branches and batches for their class online.

Fee schedules and auto reminders: They can create a fee schedule for each student, free SMS and email reminders are sent to your students.

Payment Options: They can collect fees from their students online.

Personal Microsite: Teachers/Classes get their own microsite as many of them do not have their websites or are having a tough time managing them.

Leave management: Teachers/Classes can apply for leave online which can then be approved or rejected by the owner of the yoga class

Diet chart module: Teachers/Classes can create diet charts for their students with this module and it has calorie and fat values for more than 900 dishes.

Student Target sheet and lifestyle planner: Teacher can track their students improvement with a student target sheet and can also design a lifestyle plan for them which will send automated SMS's to students for activities such as waking up and sleeping.

Student Leads: Teacher and classes with also get leads of prospective students who are looking for yoga classes and teachers.

Receipt generation: When the fees are collected for a student the receipt is generated and sent to his mail ID. Also SMS intimation is sent to their mobile.

Student Login: Each of the students which a yoga class/teacher enrolls will get their own login ID and password where they can see their timetable, payment schedule, any new notices that you have put, diet chart, target sheet, Photos, blogs and videos uploaded by the teacher/yoga class.

Enquiry and admissions: Classes/teachers can track and follow up on the admission enquiries which are made by students so that they do not miss out on any business opportunity.

From the Students’ perspective, YogaGuruji enables them to find a proper yoga class or a personal yoga teacher in their locality completely free of cost.

YogaGuruji services can be subscribed to by yoga classes and teachers for monthly fees. It’s a subscription based service where classes and teachers can pay as they go with no long term contracts. By having this service in SaaS model TOC is reduced to just INR 1000/month for a nearly INR 800,000 software.

A lot of yoga classes have people who are not very tech-savvy so people will not come online and will subscribe directly to YogaGuruji services. For some time this service will have to follow a push based sales model to make this industry recognize the importance and value which technology can add to their business. So creating awareness about this is important. Once we have got a lot of teachers and classes onboard we need to also promote this as the site where a yoga enthusiast can get information about credible yoga classes and teachers,” says Hemant.

They have just started selling and promoting YogaGuruji a month back and they already have 5 customers on board.

Check out YogaGuruji's offerings! Also, YogaGuruji is now on YourStory Pages!


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