Make Your Job Stress Free with the Help of Fixerline's Fixers!

Make Your Job Stress Free with the Help of Fixerline's Fixers!

Monday October 22, 2012,

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We often need expert opinion on work and job related matters without knowing where to go for it. Especially looking at the job market, there is presently no online platform which offers 1-2-1 consulting on work-life challenges for individuals and corporate employees. For an entrepreneur, this poses as a lucrative market to be explored. Fixerline is one such idea formed to address workplace issues and much more.

Fixerline is a single click online platform to solve all workplace problems. It can be used to solve work/job problems like salary negotiation, dress code for interview, peer pressure, and work culture. Every question posted on is responded by an expert called Fixer. This can be done anonymously as they don’t ask for names during sign up. Also, this is a free service.

It works in 6 short steps:

  • Register and verify your email ID
  • Post a question.
  • Receive an email alert that your question has been assigned to a “Fixer”.
  • Receive an email alert that your question has been responded to by a “Fixer”.
  • Check the Fixer response to your question by clicking the link in the email.
  • If your question is resolved, click ‘resolved” and submit feedback.
“I have been selling software and services with Tier 1 IT companies for last 13 years. The challenge had exhausted itself with time. There was always this deep desire to make an impact in people’s lives positively. Internet is a big opportunity to connect with people real time. Hence Fixerline was born!” says Nishta Gupta, Co-Founder, Fixerline, talking about her entrepreneurial journey.

Sapna Goyal, Co-Founder, Fixerline, adds to Nishta’s points by describing the initial hardships faced by them, “The journey is lonely, hard, & painful too at times. You will find far too many people who will be ready to shoot down the idea but very few supporters who will endorse it. Yet Fixerline is not just an idea but a passion to break free the existing patterns of life and have empowered thinking to workplace challenges.”

Nishta Gupta, Management Graduate from MDI, has worked in the IT marketing and Strategy space for 13 years. Sapna Goyal, a NIT Kurukshetra graduate, is a serial entrepreneur. Their team involves other members from other related industries. These individuals that assist in fixing your issues are called Fixers, in Fixerline’s lingo. So overall, Fixerline is a team of HR professionals, psychologists, trainers, and management experts.

Fixerline services include:

  • Ask a Question (for individuals): All the question posts are resolved through the Fixerline online platform
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for corporates: The EAP program uses a mix of chat, F2F, and web for problem resolution, employee engagement, and wellness.

On the revenue generation front, they wish to go ahead with a freemium model (a combination of free and paid services). The paid services for individuals will be launched after the site reaches a threshold level of traffic and site maturity.

Currently, the team is facing two major challenges: How to expand expert portfolio to include Legal and Tech experts as questions are posted in these domains also and how to get global experts to join Fixerline team and yet give it a local feel.

In a recent update, IREO, India’s leading real estate company signed up for Fixerline’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Do checkout Fixerline’s offerings!

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