Healthcare Consultant, Arun Ravi, Starts Up Mevoked to Help You Feel the Internet

Coming from an engineering background, Arun Ravi went on to become a healthcare consultant and eventually lead the Healthcare IT group at Frost & Sullivan. The initial idea was to build a tool for psychiatrists but the data was so compelling that they broadened the scope. So, what is this tool? It is called Mevoked and it is built to help one feel the internet.

Mission: To better understand the interplay of human emotions on the web. The goal is to personalize the web by better understanding how emotions tie into content consumption.

What is the product?

Mevoked uses an intuitive, social approach to create a unique tagging, sharing and content discovery ecosystem. A user can tag the content as 'happy', 'sad', 'amusing' and other such emotions. This drives their robust analytics platform, which can turn out to be a useful tool for publishers.

"We feel emotions play an important role in how we interact with the web and "the need to feel" aka "emotional needs" drives how we react, share and discover content," says founder Arun Ravi who lead a 5 member team with Vandeep Gupta, his partner in India. 


Tagging Content: The toolbar or website helps users tag or add emotions to the content they view on the web.

Sharing Content: Mevoked lets users share content within their social circles and beyond. "We are expanding past the ‘Like’ and ‘+1’ button to create an expressive, intuitive environment on the web," adds Arun.

Discovering New Content: The Mevoked website contains photos, videos, web pages, and news articles tagged with different emotions. Users can browse through the articles tagged and discover the best the web has to offer.

Other Features: Both the web and chrome toolbar have a unique “Next Article” feature that matches recommended articles to the user’s emotional needs.


The public beta of was launched in August of this year. "Our invite only beta was launched in May/June. We are launching which will be similar to but focused on the Indian user in early November. In terms of stats we have > 1,000 users that have tagged > 4,000 articles/images and videos," informs Arun Ravi.

Revenue Model:

"The social front end is going to help us understand behavior like never before," believes Arun. They are building an analytics dashboard that will offer greater insight to publishers, ad agencies and even TV shows on how users are reacting and how that affects their behavior. "Our patent pending technology will offer the ability to be proactive versus the current reactive analytics available." he adds.

The Vision:

"We want to create a more intuitive experience for the user. People on average spend 30 hours per month on the internet (very conservative), if the internet was a person it would be their best friend. Shouldn't your best friend know you better? The internet has always been viewed as a tool, we want to move past that and be part of a system that creates an experience. One important thing is that we are not looking at replacing any technology we want to complement it. We have an API built and will offer the data to other companies that believe in our vision."

Mevoked is on PAGES.


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