MyAdCorner; Providing Offers on Print Media Advertisements Online

MyAdCorner; Providing Offers on Print Media Advertisements Online

Tuesday October 23, 2012,

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“It started with a simple need to book a matrimonial ad for my kin in Bhopal and I was surprised to see there were no websites where I could compare my advertisement options and finally book the ad online. This sudden realization became a passion and eventually it delivered a smart-ad-booking platform.”

The online solution has for long catered for the inadequacies of the offline world and MyAdCorner looks to cater for a niche problem that not many have a

suitable solution for. Finding the best quotation for the advertisements on print media can be a laborious task, involving multiple phone calls attended by below par customer service personnel or miles of travel from one newspaper office to another.MyAdCorner’s solution aggregates prices for various kind of print media advertisement on your browser. We at had the chance to catch up with the makers of this novel idea and chat with them regarding their journey, current operations and their future.

Opportunity through fragmentation

To me, collation of offline information seemed like the toughest part to pull off and when asked about this, Rohit Garodia, Co-Founder of MyAdCorner corroborated, said, “This was one of the hardest job as the print industry is highly fragmented (hence the opportunity). Yes we have direct tie-up with more than 100 publications, which took us more than a year. The process is still on-going with newspapers getting added on a daily basis.”

Not many people have been able to successfully sustain businesses such as MyAdCorner. When asked about the difficulty in sustaining a business like such as his, Rohit had this to say, “We did lot of research to understand the business models of makemytrip, Amazon, Google to name a few. We raised funds through seed / angel round about 9 months back. There have been few individuals who really liked our business model and have invested in us. It includes people from Silicon Valley (USA), New York, Singapore, India. Most of them are serial entrepreneurs themselves.

“We get commission from newspapers for every booking we make. We are operationally profitable.”

MyAdCorner currently houses 50 employees in various fields including Engineering, Product, Analytics, Sales & Marketing. “Our Team is fanatic about building scalable technology and providing ROI driven ad-network to our clients has been the mantra for us,” said Rohit regarding the team culture.

Current Challenges and Future

“Building a good team is always tough and we are constantly working on that,” said Rohit regarding the challenges that MyAdCorner faces. “Also we are trying to improve our penetration into smaller towns.”

However, when asked about the future, Rohit is pragmatically optimistic. He says “ We have served more than 66,000 ads - 3,600 advertisers - 100 newspapers - 175 cities. We are sitting at a potential goldmine as we see more than 1,000 new advertisers (paying customers) getting added on our website on a monthly basis. Not only this, our penetration into smaller towns is increasing. We are hoping that this platform will become the preferred destination for any SME advertiser in India.”

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