Aggression Intensifies; 500 Startups Sets Up USD 5 Million India Focused Fund - 500 StartupWallah


For all those clued into the startup ecosystem in India, this piece of activity from 500Startups will be further testimony to their already very bullish plans for India. 500 Satrtups hired Pankaj Jain locally to head on India operations and also made four investment announcements recently. And today, we stumbled upon a piece of information which completely seals this case. 500 Startups has setup a $5 million microfund in India- 500 StartupWallah, L.P.

500 Startups has been investing in startups all over the world, and particularly in key growth areas such as India, Brazil, & Mexico. The partners have occasionally mentioned the likelihood of setting up regional micro-funds focused on geographies like India, Mexico, Brazil, and other large & growing internet populations and this has happened now. Paul Singh declined to comment on this development but his views can be read here and he also wrote a guest column for us which can be read here.

This is encouraging news for the Indian startup ecosystem and makes one wonder if the other global Accelerators are on their way to explore India? Nonetheless, 500 Startups is here for sure and the SEC Form D can be read here.

(edited by Jubin Mehta)