Alok Kejriwal on Investing, Mentoring, Gaming, Shitty Jobs and Climbing The Mount Everest!


Alok Kejriwal is arguably the most popular figure in the Indian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. A serial entrepreneur who now also dons the hat of an investor, Alok is that personality whom one can’t ignore. As the cliché goes, you either love him or you hate him. Here, we catch hold of him in a place where the behemoths of the Indian Entrepreneur Ecosystem gathered, the NASSCOM Product Conclave, to get his views. And trust us, you’ll love us for this.

We got a headline in the first statement itself, “I don’t invest with other people’s money,” said Alok and then there were so many more headlines that we decided to stick to just keywords. Alok has a strong belief that investing someone else’s money in someone else’s business is risky task and he would

hesitate a lot before doing it. He goes on to talk about successful gaming apps and throws valuable insights from his Games2Win experience.“I’m always an entrepreneur first and then an investor,” says Alok and consider himself an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs. Alok goes on to talk about trends in the space he understands the best: Consumer Internet, Games, Mobile. “I’m a fun guy and believe in building businesses that make people smile,” believes Alok. He also talks about the qualities he looks for in an entrepreneur, mentorship in India and the pitfalls; he congratulates us for the insightful questions along the way as well.

On a concluding note he gives advice to budding entrepreneurs and ways in which you can quit your shitty job…

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