Exclusive: Investor Chamath Palihapitiya on Love, Facebook and Entrepreneurship!


Chamath Palihapitiya is the founder of The Social+Capital Partnership. Previously,  Chamath was the executive responsible for overseeing Facebook Platform as well as launching Facebook’s online advertising channel. Chamath joined Facebook from The Mayfield Fund, a leading venture capital firm in Silicon Valley where he was focused on consumer Internet, advertising and technology investments. Having invested in EzeTap recently, Chamath was in India for the NASSCOM Product Conclave and we got in touch with him for an interview.

Chamath talks about how his girlfriend from college was the reason why he landed up in Silicon Valley looking for a job and climbed the ladder very quickly from there on to reach at the position he is today. Moving further Chamath talks about the factors that takes to build a great company and we know those work because he's talking about Facebook. "It is possible to isolate product value," says Chamath about the functioning of the growth team at Facebook and talks about the process of finding that Ah ha! moment.

Talking about Indian Entrepreneurship space, Chamath says, "There are two structural things that need to be focused on. The first is accepting failure and celebrating it. The second is to have a more decentralized team structure which might be against some set mindsets but is a must." From here on Chamath goes on to explain some of the traits of Indian startups and talks about the 4 key sectors he thinks would do really well.Chamath also talks about his investing principles and intentions about more investments in Indian companies... More in the video...


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