Football Crazy Fans in India Get a Place to Indulge; 'We And Football' Opens Online Store


India may not be the best when it comes to playing football but when talking about the intensity within fans and their fanaticism, there's no comparison. A Barcelona fan in India might be just as excited about an El Classico if not more than a Barcelona resident. And these fans are not just handful, you'll find them in every corner of the nation now. Football is truly catching up, in popularity if not with respect to 'playing skills'.

We and Football was started in 2009 as a small Facebook group to connect people who love football by sharing stories related to football, match analysis and predictions. Owing to a gritty founder Prayank Mahajan, "We and Football" is an organization now with a small hard working team of 15 spread across India. Started with a sole motive to promote football in India, this New Delhi based startup has conducted football tournaments in various parts of the country.

In a recent development, We and Football have now opened up an eCommerce store which will cater to these football fanatic fans. Sahil Baghla, the founder at BlueGape has helped them launch the eMerchandising store and is almost like an exclusive football eCommerce store arm for BlueGape. (URL:

We and Football is selling various things ranging from t-shirts to mugs to laptop skins to posters. The number of SKUs are limited and prices of t-shirts are around INR 700 which might be perceived to be on the higher side. Poster and skins are priced at a reasonable INR 100.

Talking more about them as a company, in 2011, We and Football became the official Indian body of Freestyle football federation U.K. and is responsible for the growth of freestyle football in India. "We have conducted numerous freestyle football meets in the last one year and have a great network of freestyle footballers," says Prayank. We and Football has also been football consultants to Pepsi for its “Change the game” campaign and Red bull for its “Street style competition”.

The love for football will surely resonate in their online store. Do give them a shot and referee whether they've got their logistic tiki-taka right.

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