Indian App Balloon Bow Arrow is the #1 Free Casual Game on Google Play Store


Balloon Bow and Arrow, a casual Android game is ranked higher than popular games such as angry birds on the Android App store. Made by Mumbai based Manas Gajare, this game has been the #1 app in the casual games category and features at #10 on top free apps. This is a commendable feat for an Indian made app on the world stage.

Simple and Addictive Gameplay

Target based arrow games have been around in the Android market for a while and Manas Gajare's Balloon Bow and Arrow is a redesigned, better looking version of the game. It has replaced the conventional target board with balloons and redone the background with a scenery. The best aspect of this game is

that the target are moving, making it challenging enough to be engaging.The thought that has gone into making this app echoes that of many other successful casual apps. Here are a few things that stood out in this app

Simple and Intuitive - This is what every casual game should aim to be; Gameplay is fairly straightforward and there is a very small learning curve.

An optimum level of engagement - By replacing the target board with a balloon and making it a moving target, the app is difficult enough to engage. Any more difficult or any easier wouldn't have made this app as successful as it is now.

Short game cycles - The time a game lasts is a few minutes and on small devices this is a formula that works in the casual gaming sphere. Coupled with its addictive gameplay, the app makes for a perfect time pass during an office break (or any other break for that matter).

Light - Lastly, the app is not graphic intensive, which allows it to run on most android phones of varying configurations.


The app is currently has over 100,000 downloads with a rating of 4.4 on Google Play.

Download the app here and see for yourself!