[InfoGraphic] Indian E-commerce Funding Over the Last Three Years; A Time Line


E-commerce has been abuzz with news in the Indian startup ecosystem over the past 3 years and the folks from MySmartPrice, a leading online price comparison website have released an interesting timeline which covers all the happenings in the eCommerce market since 2011 to now. You can scroll side ways in the timeline at the lower half of the infographic and clicking an item on it will show a screen shot of the e-commerce portal with a heading stating the event.

This infographic has information from the beginning of 2011 to the end of 2012 and covers some interesting numbers, Merger and acquisition news and funding news in the e-commerce field. Bookmark this page as newer news in the ecommerce field will be added to the timeline as it happens.

Check out MySmartPrice, the makers of this infographic


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