; Why Does Papa Roach Love it So Much?


Video chat tools have been one of the most effective ways for long distance communication. Having to see a person despite being many miles away from them would have been near to impossible two decades ago, but now, it is almost something that we take for granted.

In fact, the video conferencing technology has advanced so much, that the area of focus in this field has moved away from feasibility and is moving toward providing a great user experience and innovation on the existing technology. is one such endeavor.

Avoiding friction

Rajan Chandy, the brain behind says, “The conventional method for getting a video conferencing tool working would be to download and

install a software, create an account and log in, add connections and then get started. The user has to go through all this hassle before actually using the tool.”Rajan believes that real life communication is effective because of the lack of these hassles and this is the philosophy behind This is an online chat application with a video chat tool which can seat upto 9 people in a session. Using the tool is as simple as sharing a link and chatting over an internet enabled computed with a webcam. People can be invited using a common link to the chat room.

Reducing friction and Celebrity Validation has been used by the popular rock band Papa Roach and the Football team of Spain for sessions with Fans. Rajan shares that they have got requests from many more such people and organizations who wish to do the same with He believes that such a tool is being accepted well

because there it provides no friction to communication. To further increase ease of use for, they are currently working on building a chat widget and have already released an initial version.While they did lose money on video bandwidth, Rajan believes that its usage outweighs it cost. “Because of the rock band, we got a few thousand user with nearly zero marketing and we are going to work along similar lines. We are looking to get more celebrities and experts to present talks using our platform, which will get a lot more people to use” has the potential to enable communities to meetup online with the least possible friction. This tool will be widely accepted by worldwide communities and with a group chat widget, more community websites can drive interaction at any given time in the easiest possible manner.

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