Meena Ganesh, CEO Pearson Education Services, on Starting & Growing Companies, Powerful Leadership, Women Entrepreneurship & Startup Investing


Meena Ganesh is the CEO of Pearson Education Services ( TutorVista group)provider of technology-based solutions and digital content. Under her leadership, the company has made a successful foray into the school management space and emerged as the fastest growing school chain in India. Prior to this, Meena was the CEO of Tesco's operations in India, the Tesco Hindustan Service Center. And before coming on board Tesco, Meena co-founded one of India's pioneering BPO companies: Customer Asset, which she sold to ICICI OneSource.

Meena Ganesh is an angel investor too and plans to invest in 100 digital startups in India. Meena has invested in e-commerce companies such as BlueStone and BigBasket. Here, we get in a chat with her at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2012:

Meena Ganesh, the CEO of Pearson Education Services, in this video takes us through her journey which began with the MNCs, swerved towards starting up and her current role at Pearson Education Services. She talks about her learnings and considers 'ownership' to be one of the key assets in an individual. "Make sure that things around you conspire to make you successful," says Meena Ganesh about the kind of attitude she has developed and what helps a startup grow.

She goes on to talk about women in entrepreneurship and Indian business and is optimistic about the changing scenario. Meena Ganesh also delves into the topic of mentorship and provides information about some of the work she has been doing with the companies... Watch on...


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