Parentune, a Parenting Community Launches 'Admission Corner'

Founded by Nitin Pandey, Parentune is an online parenting community that aims at bringing about a shift in parenting by creating an ecosystem for parents and children. “Parentune focuses on making parenting a joyful experience and helps in reducing parental anxiety,” says Nitin. “The vision is to empower parents to do more for their child, to help improve the quality of development & progress for their child,” he adds.

The concept of parentune was conceived and formalized after a 6 month research period with a database of more than 2000 interactions with parents. In a recent announcement, this online portal has dedicated an exclusive section to help parents understand the admission process and choosing the right school for their child- Admission Corner.

The 'parenting' sector according to many is believed to be a big one that is up for grabs in India. Creating a platform and getting more and more parents on it would be the correct way forward. But the challenge would remain to get that traction and getting an active community going. Parentune currently boasts of 1500+ parents on board with 75+ blogs but the challenge in the space is to keep this sustained.

Targeting the right channels and getting that critical mass on the platform will be of essence to the success of such a platform.

More on the Parentune website.


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