Need Classy Presentations? BPlanExperts Launch PresentationGFX


BPlanExperts is a venture by Array Consultancy Services which is founded by an experienced team. Under the Array Consultancy umbrella, they've launched the visual communication design arm- PresentatonGFX. Talking about the new design arm, Arnab Ray, co-founder says, "PresentationGFX blends the creativity of graphics design and the analytical aspect of business consulting. PresentationGFX empowers its clients with high impact visual communication tools in the form of presentations, animations and visual graphics."

Arnab adds, "The team at PresentationGFX is an amalgamation of a high tech web graphics unit and a group of seasoned business consultants." A very sleek looking site, PresentationGFX gives a good first impression and the work they've done exemplifies the fact. With three offices in India and one in the States, Array Consultancy has been growing at a rapid pace.

On the face of it, a separate arm that makes and beautifies presentations doesn't seem like a very lucrative idea but on deeper reflection, these services do have a market, especially the animations and other visuals make sense. "Traditional design has always been dependent on the limitations of software tools, often hampering creativity. More often than not designs have focused on the designer’s or presenter’s preference, rather than in meeting the target audience’s requirement," explains Arnab and this is where they intend to add more value.

Update on the BPlanExperts Front

Over the past couple of years BPlanExperts has been working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to define and execute their business plans. As an upcoming player in the business plan consulting, BPlanExperts has successfully delivered over 300 projects across 50 countries.

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