quikformz; Mobility Solutions for Capturing Field Information for Enterprises


Computing is going mobile and in the consumer market, its adoption has been nothing short of a phenomenon. As of today, people have a greater affinity to consume information on mobile devices. This is because, the decision of adoption in the consumer space lies with the individual and hence it is easy to

influence the migration to a newer technology.The enterprise market is very different. IT admins are used to working with older devices and most of their operations are fixed. Adoption of a disruptive technology would mean large scale change at the organization, which isn’t always desirable. The avenue for large scale adoption for enterprise mobility lies in newer use cases which require mobility, and quikformz is one such mobile solution.


Capturing Field Information

Krishna Prakash, Director of Orbis Media Technologies, the makers of quikforms, says, “For any organisation it is easy to control in-premises operations. What most of the companies find challenging is to manage its field business operations. The actual field information is very difficult to capture which can help in planning and building business. From field workforce to remote and mobile assets, it is not easy to have complete control over the business processes.”

quikformz address these issues and it is designed for efficient field resource management which can tackle all the out of premises business process. quikformz synchronizes functions like sales, finance, HR, distribution, inventory, services, installation, maintenance, support, verification, inspection etc. It helps to stay in touch with the functional team in field and allows to allocate respective tasks / assignments / works / schedules / plans for managing all sort of field business activities.

The SaaS Angle

Initially quikformz was offered as EMIP - Enterprise Mobile Integrated Platform, which was a blanket solution offered by Orbis Media Technologies. Krishna says that the vastness of the solution made it difficult to explain the underlying technology and its business usage to the customers. This resulted

in the decision to evolve quikformz as a solution with specific feature set that are based on the customer requirements.“We started offering of quikformz on SAAS to provide customized solutions to our clients. With every implementation and different client requirements we made quikformz a complete customization solution to suit requirements of customers from different industry verticals,” shares Krishna.

quikformz enjoys widespread adoption and its current implementation are in “enterprise sales force, CSD (Customer satisfaction & delivery), field services, fulfillment & installations etc and is currently being used in various industry verticals like Telecom (for secondary sales process, tower inventory management), Logistics (for resource tracking, address and customer verification, courier pickups and drops, payment collections), Mutual funds (for sales force productivity), Agriculture, Consumer electronics, Utility companies in India and Middle East.”

quikformz aims be adaptable for all kinds of field business activities. Krishna says that they are in process to introduce features such as voice based tasks, real time video capture and other enhancements. We would be able to offer quikformz on BlackBerry and iOS platforms in coming time.

With a short term goal of increasing customer base on SAAS offering on global level, and increasing its use cases for various verticals, quikformz aims to capitalize on one of the burning nee to penetrate the enterprise market and it will be interesting to see how it fares against competition from the likes of Kony & Syclo.

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