[YS TV] Rohit Singal's Secret to Sourcebits Success: Think About Monetization From Day One


Possibly the most successful mobile product engineering company to come out of India, Sourcebits is the benchmark for aspiring mobile app startups in India. Rohit Singal, the founder and CEO of Sourcebits, is interestingly, a medical college dropout who saw tremendous opportunities in a discipline which he had no formal training in. Still, he pursued his intuition and was rewarded with a USD 10 Million investment from Sequoia Capital and IDG Ventures and since then, there has been no looking back for Sourcebits and Rohit.

At MobiSparks, Rohit's talk on building a successful app company was extremely well received For those of you who missed it, here's a sneak peek into the mind of the man behind India's most successful app company. Here's Rohit Singal, on the importance of figuring out a monetization model for your app, on interesting ways of marketing an app and making friends with the app store managers -

"I don't think making an app specific to a geography is a great long term plan. In the short term, if you want your quick userbase, then it is easier to do it with local apps, but in the long run, you should look to make a global app," says Rohit, with regard to India specific apps.

"Marketing on the app stores is a little different to how SEO works on the web. You need to get in touch with the app store managers. One way to do it is to attend events like Google I/O or Apple's WWDC or even YourStory's MobiSparks! Another way to get in touch with them is to make a video of your app and invest time in it to make it look really good, because at the end of the day, these managers also want good products on their app stores," said Rohit on App Store Marketing.

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