Sandeep Singhal of Nexus Venture Partners on Nurturing Startups for Exits


Sandeep Singhal is the co-founder of Nexus Venture Partners, one of the marquee and entrepreneurial friendly VC firms in India. Sandeep has been an entrepreneur and a pioneer of Venture Capital in India. He was co-founder & CEO of Medusind Solutions, one of the leading healthcare outsourcing companies in India. Sandeep also co-founded eVentures India, a leading venture firm focused on early stage ventures in India. Nexus, as a firm has invested in some of the most successful startups in India and has had exits that puts them amongst one of the most venerated investors in India and Sandeep has been spearheading this effort.

Here, we get in a conversation with Sandeep for his views on entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem in India:

Having some enviable investments in their portfolio, we begin with the success mantra for Nexus as an investment firm. Sandeep talks about the attitude they have while investing and some of the key parameters they focus on. "Having a cross border presence has helped us a lot in terms of having a broader view when we look at entrepreneurs," says Sandeep. He also takes us through some of the anecdotes about how strong relationships and networks have led them to discovering new companies they eventually ended up backing.

Fro here, we move on to discuss current trends in the technology space. "There are three key trends that can be looked at. The social networking aspect, mobility and the fundamental shift in enterprise computing- cloud are some of the key areas that are changing very rapidly," informs Sandeep. He goes on to talk about how they've learned from the entrepreneurs and the way in which they've evolved.

Discussing the startup ecosystem in India, Sandeep mentions about the cities that are at the forefront and the emerging talent pool that is contributing aggressively to open source. "I believe this to be an inflection point in the industry currently," he says. Sandeep also talks about the key sectors and about 'sales'. He outlines product management and marketing as the key issues the entrepreneurs face today and goes on to explain how these can be addressed... Watch the video to know more...