TomTom Launches LBS Platform for Developers to Use; Looks for More LBS Apps Using its Service


On Nov 15th, 2012, TomTom launched its new Location Based Services (LBS) Platform and Developer Portal. TomTom LBS provides developers with the content and tools to create location-enabled applications for a variety of commercial and consumer markets. Example apps that can be created include fleet management, route planning, traffic management and geospatial analysis.

The cloud-based LBS Platform enables businesses to access TomTom's high location and navigation services including map display, routing, traffic and geocoding. In addition, the TomTom Developer Portal gives developers easy to use tools to build web and mobile apps using simple application programming interfaces (APIs) and Software Developer Kits (SDKs), with all supporting documentation.

"In response to the increasing demand for top quality data and services, TomTom is offering a comprehensive, easy to use solution for adding location intelligence to applications," said Dan Adams, vice president of Location and Live Services at TomTom. "The launch of the TomTom LBS Platform is an important evolution. Now we can provide application developers with web-based access to high-quality location content worldwide."

"NS, Netherlands Railways, and TomTom recently launched a webtool providing our combined customers with a world premiere: an objective comparison between real-time public transport and road traffic information. We are happy to see our passengers turn into better informed and more quality conscious customers", said Joost Ravoo, director Corporate Accounts NS.

Along with web tools, TomTom is currently offering Android and iOS SDKs combined with a cloud back end for seamless accessibility which can be used for various apps. TomTom being one of the largest players in the European market, might just be looking at giving other, more popular map services such as Google and Apple, competition in the LBS apps space. It could also be a move to assert its place in Europe as the leading LBS service provider by increasing its developer base. Either ways, this has been an anticipated move and with more location based activity moving to smartphones, these SDKs, APIs and TomTom's LBS platform will greatly benefit developers and end users alike.

TomTom is giving out a free developer trial, but requires a paid subscription for it to be used for commercial purposes. Click here to know more. 


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