Unveiling Mobisparks Startup: Visarity Technology (Flikz)

Visarity is the company behind infotainment app, Flikz.

What is Visarity Technology?

The aim is to create Augmented Reality Creation and Distribution platform for Marketers. They also call themselves as IMDB on AR Kool-aid

What is Flikz? - It is a mobile app for movies and related information such as Showtime, trailers, ratings, news and recommendations with the ability to interact via AR. Users can scan any upcoming or in-theatres movie posters to experience and interact with their favourite characters, take a photo & share those virtual interactions with everyone.

One can register on http://flikz.me and get invited when the app is ready for download on IOS and Android.

The Team that is building the technology

Harsha Padmanabha - Bangalore

11+ years of experience spanning as a developer of casino games to technical marketing in mobile and automotive GPU, along the way peddled as an entrepreneur starting Lucision ( casino analytics ) and Gamebrausch ( mobile games ). The techno marketing background with business ownership propelled TES as a #3 embedded graphics service provider in Europe. Worked with top automotive OEMs like Audi, Daimler, VW, and Ford Motors, Chrysler. Expertise: - Technology / Software Architecture/ Hardware & Mobile / Design / User Experience / Techno Marketing / Business Strategy

Bastian Zuehlke - Germany

13+ years of experience in graphics, post production software, automotive software systems, 3D mapping, console, PC & mobile gaming. Started VariaMedia in 1999 to develop post-production software. Founder Gamebrausch ( mobile games ) active participant in DemoScene. Chief Architect for embedded GPUs and SW renderers at TES and NXP.

Toby Thain - Canada

18+ years in developing and leading software development on a wide array of computing machines and platforms starting with PDP, NeXT, MAC, PC and Cloud. Built large scale casino gaming systems for Latin America, open source software for print & production and web scale platforms for social marketing and legal consulting. Interests in photography, world politics and a liberal world.

Bhuvan Thaker - Bangalore

9+ years as Marketing & Advertising professional with Saatchi / Ogilvy / Beehive worked with brands like 24[7] Customer / TNT Logistics / Ingersoll Rand / Jubilant Retail - Total Hypermarket. // Then being entrepreneur started gourmet snack food company // www.baCookie.in // Then started helping entrepreneurs in venture development.