[Video] A Look at Jolla's Sailfish OS; Can It Get Any Sexier?


In the recently concluded Slush, a mobility event in Finland, Jolla unveiled Sailfish, the mobile OS, as promised. Jolla was started by a few ex-Nokia employee's who worked on the Meego project. After Nokia's unofficial discontinuation of shipping devices running the Meego OS, these engineers came away to build Jolla, whose key focus would be the development of Mer based Mobile OS, Sailfish.

Super Fast and Super Sexy!

Speed and multitasking is the essence of the sailfish OS. The apps home screen has a very Win8 like tile layout for each app, only the functions of the app can be access from the tile. For example, a music player tile, on long press, will show the music players functions such as play/pause, forward, rewind etc. The apps can be controlled without having to go inside the app itself.

Another salient feature of the Sailfish OS is its pulley like options menu. For android users, this is the equivalent for the menu button and for iPhone users, a double tap of the menu button. Depending on the app that you're in, a swipe down gesture will provide the user an option menu. Furthermore, this also doubles up as the notification bar that Android users will be familiar with. This is an interesting approach to user experience, wherein the user doesn't have to click another button to access the options menu. However, this will take some getting used to for new users coming from other platform.

You will not find a clock on all screen, like you do in other mobile OSs. The time is only displayed on the lock screen. The reason behind this was to free up space on other screens, so as to be able to do more with the increase in screen real estate.

Sailfish has pulled out all stops to increase to provide a fluid user experience. This initial preview of the OS shows a very fluid and sleek UI. This can be seen everywhere in the OS, from the edges of the tiles, to the way the gallery is designed to the icons. Sailfish has this sort of European elegance to it, which we haven't honestly seen in other OSs in the market.

Another mouthwatering (and wallet lightening) 2013 Q1 Launch

Along with the much talked about BB10 release in Q1 of 2013, we will also see an equally large splash round about the same time from ST-Ericsson, which has partnered with Jolla for devices compatible with the Sailfish OS. At the event, Jolla publicly announced Sailfish's compatibility with ST-Ericsson's NovaThor chipset. However, Jolla has also made it clear that it is looking to make Sailfish compatible with as many chipsets possible. Furthermore, because of the OS's open nature, most Android apps will run on it without having to natively code it to cater for Sailfish.

Looks like it is going to be one hell of a Q1 in 2013. Learn more about Jolla's Sailfish here.

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