Launches SocialStory to Document and Map the Thriving Social and Green Entrepreneurship Sector in India

0, India’s leading online media platform on entrepreneurship today announces the launch of a dedicated media platform to showcase and promote social and green entrepreneurs. Taking the legacy of YourStory forward, SocialStory will aim to provide a neutral visibility platform to social startups, innovators from India.

Over the years, social entrepreneurship has emerged as a powerful tool to achieve social and green goals while using market forces and elements of traditional business entrepreneurship. Impact entrepreneurship has also emerged as an asset class of its own with impact investing becoming part of mainstream investing and venture capital industry. India has emerged as a leader globally when it comes to using business to solve social problems. Many businesses in India had proved that they can do well while doing good and this is a sector that is poised for further growthSocialStory is a platform specifically designed to cater to the social-startup ecosystem. This platform is designed to increase the visibility of social entrepreneurs by telling their stories to's broad reader base. Currently in beta, we'll be iterating and improving rapidly over the coming days.

“We believe in the immense potential of the social enterprise space for impact and development, and the growing importance that it plays in the global economy. We also believed that despite the potential it holds, social enterprise still does not receive the attention it deserves. By combining company profiles with investor and expert opinions, as well as relevant news in the social space, we intend to explore the entire social spectrum, understand the challenges and nuances, the potentials and opportunities, and communicate them to the world. In this way, we intend to play a key role as a media player in the social ecosystem. SocialStory aspires to the voice of upcoming social entrepreneurs,” shared Shradha Sharma, Founder and CEO of

SocialStory will showcase innovative social enterprises and green enterprises through interviews and videos and also provide resources, news and insights about the impact sector. It is designed to become to the one-stop destination for all information related to the social enterprise sector in India.

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