[YS TV] Big Opportunities in Mobile Healthcare and Medical Applications - Sanjay Anandaram, Seedfund


Veteran investor and managing partner at Seedfund, Sanjay Anandaram is on the lookout for mobile app ventures. With over two decades of experience as an industry executive, an entrepreneur and a VC Sanjay brings a rich and diverse experience as a mentor. At MobiSparks, he moderated a panel that was in essence representing him at various stages. The panel also consisted of industry executives, entrepreneurs and VCs and the discussion was received very positively and Sanjay's moderation skills were highly appreciated.

Here we have a brief interaction with Sanjay Anandaram on the problem of app discovery, where he likens the situation to that of a needle in a haystack -

"There are three ways to solve this problem. You either reduce the size of the haystack, i.e., targeted ads, or increase the number of needles in the haystack, i.e., more apps on a platform or you increase the number of people searching for the needle i.e., user traction," explained Sanjay, keeping the needle and the haystack analogy.

As for advice for entrepreneurs - "just go and do it and take no shortcuts."

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