[YS TV] Create Your Bucket List with Wishberg; In Conversation With Kulin, Pravin (and Hitler)


In simple words, Wishberg is your Social Wishlist- a wishlist of your desired purchases. Founded by techies Kulin Shah and Pravin Jadhav, Wishberg has been creating a buzz across social media lately and have a good number of early adopters that are helping modulate the product. Here, we talk to Kulin and Pravin about the roller coaster journey of theirs:

We begin with the rebranding of Wishberg and what were the reasons why they took that step. Settling upon a brand yourself and relating to it is very important when marketing a brand. For a B2C product to stick and reach the masses, it is of utmost importance to pull some tricks apart from the run-of-the-mill tactics. "We've done something really interesting when it comes to taking the product to the people who're not that 'internet-savvy'," says Pravin and they're bang on with this claim.

This is a point where Hitler makes the entrance. Wishberg has used this 'funny video' to generate more buzz and close to 6000 views in a week is not bad at all.

Moving on in the video, Pravin and Kulin talk about the traction Wishberg has generated and end with a great pitch asking more users to join in.


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