[YS TV] Take a Tour of the Microsoft Accelerator, Bangalore; A Startup Haven


Accelerators and Incubators are here in India and they’re in a way a stamp of approval on the startup ecosystem here. We’ve seen a flurry of accelerators emerge off late and here, we take a tour of the Microsoft Accelerator. Currently accelerating its first batch of 11 startupsthat were selected in July this year, the startups are undergoing some hard-core drill and are shaping themselves up to fight the bigger battle. Mukund Mohan, the CEO in residence at the Microsoft Accelerator has a very process driven mandate for the startups who collaboratively work towards achieving their goals. Here, Aarti Kapoor, the program manager at the Accelerator takes us through a tour of the accelerator.

Aarti takes us through some of the most interesting places in the premise and “The Garage” tops the charts for us. A very vibrant looking, comfortable and cool part of the accelerator, this is where the folks chill out and have some good time along with the perpetual brainstorming. Working together and having co-founders at an arms distance is one of the most value adding benefit of an accelerator.

We are also introduced to some of the startups working over there and three companies- HireRabbit (Recruitment area), AmplyfyMe (Improving TV Viewing Experience) and PlusTxt (Messaging) give a quick pitch about their products as well.

Aarti also highlights about the infrastructure at the Accelerator and throws more light on the demo day… Watch the video for a visual treat and stay tuned for more news from the Microsoft Accelerator…


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