[YSTV] Ashwin Venkatraman, InMobi, Advices Indian App Makers to Go beyond the English Web


Ashwin Venkatraman the director of developer platforms at InMobi, was one of the panelists at YourStory's MobiSparks. At the helm of one of the most important players in the mobile ecosystem, Ashwin provides us we some unique insights into the burning problem of app discovery, monetization and fund raising in the mobile ecosystem.

"There are a few things that are going to be very interesting for mobile app companies from India. Firstly the biggest barrier of going global has been already tackled by the app stores and the ad networks, so Indian entrepreneurs have the chance to be global from the first go. Secondly, the next wave of smartphone users are going to come from outside the English web and I think this is going to be the next market for App companies to seize," said Ashwin on the opportunities that the current mobile ecosystem provides.

Ashwin adds that monetization in the mobile apps ecosystem is user acquisition. "You will very rarely find apps that have 10 million users who haven't made money out of it. So when we say that an app developer hasn't made money from his app, we mean that he hasn't found a way of getting traction on his app."

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