[YSTV] "There has never been a better time to build a mobile app business" - Ravi Gururaj, Citrix


Ravi Gururaj, the serial entrepreneur and mentor knows a thing or two about the mobile app space. A popular speaker in the conferences circuit, Ravi shared his thoughts with the audience at MobiSparks on the thought process behind building a kickass app. Here's Ravi Gururaj for everyone who wasn't at MobiSparks, on app discovery, app design and building a global business without ever having to take a flight.

"Discovery is a huge problem. With over a million apps out there it is going to be very hard to find your app. The best advice I can give to somebody is to build a really beautiful design. Nothing can stop a great app from bubbling up to the top. That is the great thing about the app space; its true democracy at the the working. If your app isn't great, its a copy or doesn't have great design, then its going to be difficult," says Ravi on the problem of app discovery.

Ravi believes that this is the best time to build an app company, "Any developer team in India has just as good a chance as any team in silicon valley for making it in the app space. This is the one area where you can have a small, but kickass team, and go out there and really dominate the world. You cannot do this in any other discipline. All you need is four great people working on an app. You don't even need to take a flight to make a billion dollar company! We just need a few examples."

Stay tuned for more advice from the greats of the industry. Catch all the action from MobiSparks here