"eCommerce in India is Perhaps a Part of the Unemployment Allowance Scheme," Mahesh Murthy on eComm and More!


Mahesh Murthy is one person in the Indian Startup ecosystem who doesn't mince words. We caught up with him earlier to talk about raising funds and he gave some very direct advice. Here, he is back to his straightforward and often controversial best; Mahesh shares his thoughts on the Indian startup ecosystem, 'sectors' to invest in, E-commerce, serial entrepreneurship and much more. Here's presenting the un-sugar coated, Mahesh Murthy -

Quotable quotes:

On sectors to fund in:

My favourite sector is called 'not yet a sector'. In this age, you cannot be number 2 or 3 or 10. You're number 1 or you're nothing. What excites me is when someone says that I'm starting a company that'll create a new sector.

On eCommerce:

eCommerce in India provides employment. The VCs remain employed, the entrepreneurs remain employed. Everyone has something to do. It's good.

On serial entrepreneurship:

I don't think that the greatest entrepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs. I don't think anybody in their second or third company is that great a guy because you really haven't made that much of an impact. If you look at the biggest companies which have made a change to humanity, they aren't the ones going around looking to jump to their next venture.

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