Finalists Of The 2012 Katerva Award Announced


The Katerva Award, which highlights the most innovative projects from around the world, has shortlisted 51 finalists for this year’s competition. The 2012 Katerva Award Finalists are: Eco-Fuel Africa, Sino-implant, Womankind Worldwide, Voice 4 Girls, The Water Initiative, A Liter of Light, Center for Rice Husk Technology, Amazon Conservation Team, Blue Ventures, Forest Trends, Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System for Shipping, LanX and Local Capital Markets, Solidarium, Pasteurization Technology Group, Kenguru, International Development Enterprises India, The Living Building Challenge, Kéré Architecture, Holomic LLC, Bioneedle Technologies Group, Streetline Inc., The Humblefactory (for, StatSilk /StatPlanet Project, The Gender Equality Foundation, Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3), AquaClara, Liquid Metal Battery Corporation, Embrace, C-Change, YikeBike, Asthmapolis, Nano Ganesh, MIT SENSEable City Lab Forage Tracking, Foldit, Safe World for Women, Gram Power, The GROW BIOINTENSIVE Agriculture Centre of Kenya, Future of Fish, Liquid Robotics, Reef Check Foundation, Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes, The Savory Institute, WikiCell Designs, AMEE, WaterCredit,, 5 Stone Green Capital LLC (5SGC), Eco-Household Training, ¡Échale! a tu casa, Backpack Farm Agricultural Program, EyeNETRA.“To solve the complex sustainability challenges we face as stewards of our planet, will require innovative solutions across a wide range of disciplines and economic sectors. Katerva provides a much needed and novel forum for this to happen, as evidenced by the innovation and entrepreneurship embodied by this year’s 51 Finalists for the Katerva Award, “ explained Antonio J. Busalacchi, Jr, Director of the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC) and Professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at the University of Maryland, USA.

The Katerva Award Winner will be nurtured by members of the Winner’s Circle, a group of businesses and experts, with the aim of accelerating the winning project through its development stages and achieving wide scale impact.

Beginning in July, Katerva nominees were submitted to a process of examination by experts in each of Katerva’s ten categories: Behavioral Change, Food Security, Economy, Ecosystem Conversion, Materials & Resources, Gender Equality, Human Development, Energy & Power, Transportation and Urban Design. The Now in its second year, the Katerva Award draws upon a large network of experts from science, business, academia, finance, and more. Once nominated, a project is screened for eligibility. They are then judged based on their viability, scalability and potential impact. The top five projects from each of the ten categories become finalists. This year there are 51 Finalists due to a tie in one of the categories. The Category Winners will be announced on 30 January.

Only one project will be the Katerva Award Winner, also announced 30 January. This year the Katerva Award has also included a People’s Choice Award. Anyone can vote for their top choice between January 14 and January 29 on the Katerva website. All 50 finalists are eligible for the People’s Choice Award.

“Katerva is not just interested in ‘good’ ideas, the ideas we are after will create big changes in how we live on this planet,” said Terry Waghorn, founder of Katerva. Founded in 2010, “Katerva’s approach places emphasis squarely on action for a sustainable future—creating and implementing solutions to sustainability-related concerns.”

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