, a (hindi also) website to educate young Indians about sex and relationships, a (hindi also) website to educate young Indians about sex and relationships

Saturday December 22, 2012,

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Harboring a society which is tight lipped about the matters of Love and Sex, India is the second largest population on the world. In a country which is gradually becoming urban and more vocal, the need for knowledge of what one must expect after marriage had long been satisfied via council from friends and family. With increased internet penetration, 2012 has been witness to the brave a bold story of "Make Love Not Porn". Something along the same lines is brewing in India.

Love Matters, a website that informs young Indian adults about sex and relationships. It recognizes that weddings, and therefore marriages, mark an important stage in the lives of Indian couples.

“Today, almost half of all young Indian women get married by the age of 18, but there is very little information out there in terms of what to expect before and after marriage. Our aim with writing up marriage resources is to address the growing need for information about what to expect before and after marriage,” says Michelle Chakkalackal, Coordinator of the Love Matters project worldwide.

Love Matters calls itself an “open, honest and sex-friendly” website, which shares information about sexuality, sexual pleasure, safe sex, birth control and various other related topics. Love Matters, partnered with DKT condoms (India), felt the need for developing content on the topic of marriage because of the flurry of questions they received from their audiences.

“While women may be shier from asking us directly about what to expect after marriage, men certainly aren't. We get many emails from men asking about how to please their wives, so we knew it would be important for us to have meaty resource section on marriages,” Chakkalackal, who heads the team of journalists and specialists, says.

Wedding night fears are common among young Indian couples taking the vows. Love Matters will offer tips to the brides and groom on what they can do

to take the pressure off! There will also be sections about love and arranged marriages, eloping, family planning, pregnancy, troubled marriages, separation and divorce, informs Vithika Yadav, the Head of India Operations for Love Matters. She adds that her personal experience convinced her that youngsters need help with knowing what the ‘real deal’ with marriage is.In a still conservative society which isn't open to talking about such things, an online portal with this information is a very non-intrusive way of getting this information. Furthermore, the portal will also provide information in Hindi, opening up a large audience to the portal.

The marriage section will be published on the website in the beginning of next year and soon after on the Love Matters Hindi website –

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