IntelligenceNODE to Decode Pricing and Client Acquisitions Complexities for eComm Companies

“Elementary my dear, Watson!” said Sherlock Holmes before he decoded many a clue and unravelled complex mysteries for his friend Dr. Watson. Sanjeev Sularia and his company IntelligenceNODE does something similar. Sularia is a simplification expert. His job is to help e-commerce startups take informed decisions based on data.

Numbers are weakness for many but was a good opportunity for Sularia, who founded IntelligenceNODE in August 2012. At that time Sularia was heading finance functions at e-commerce firms — SherSingh/Exclusively.In and had co-founded CIBnode (Sher Singh and are two internet portals; a sports inspired private label apparel and a multi-brand ethnic wear destination respectively, while CIBnode is a boutique financial consultancy), but a casual chat with two of his buddies changed things. This group of friends realised that complex data was the biggest obstacle for any business (digital or non-digital). “We clearly saw that companies will need services to help them with their pricing, product management and operations or they will be facing the risk of not making it,” explains Sularia.

IntelligenceNODE, a 7 member team based out of Mumbai works with established e-retail players, offline enterprises looking for digital opportunities, agencies serving e-retail ecosystem and investors looking in e-retail firms.

Their competence lies in providing a toolkit (delivered as Mobile APP and SAAS offering) that gives the power back to the entrepreneurs/C-level executives where they have the opportunity to view the whole business as a #s driven revenue machine and can pro-actively forecast and execute decisions. The product suite includes:

  • Competitive intelligence: A competition, product/category and price mapping tool which helps clients assess competition
  • Pricing intelligence: Pricing intelligence algorithm that identifies the best price, mark-up and –down strategy across categories and individual products to accommodate seasonality and competitive offering.
  • Operations intelligence: Use the company’s API feed to automate internal reporting and visualization.
  • Marketing intelligence: Order economics model that factors the "right" spends and ROI for SEO, SEM etc and monitor traffic sources and true cost of revenue.

About the team:


Sanjeev Sularia (CEO and Co-founder) has a domain expertise in eCommerce, Yasen Dimitrov, (COO and Co-founder) is an expert consultant in operations and technology space and Malaika Mahtaney, CTO, has under her belt experience of working with international companies across mid to large spectrum and an exceptionally talented Engineering and Quant team of 4 members with experience in proprietary systems development and big data analytics.

The eCommerce Timeline in India according to IntelligenceNODE:

2007: Inception - This is when India got a whiff of eCommerce

2009: Ecosystem expansion – Specialists shipping companies and payments gateways

2011 Market share war- The battle to reach the maximum number of people and generate traffic

2013 + Profitability drive – “We are not going anywhere with this price war and nobody wants to give us another round of funding.”


“The actual race begins now; analytics, optimization and making the best use of resources will come in the picture now. We are investing heavily behind sophisticated technology to deliver real-time intelligence and given that I believe IntelligenceNODE is best positioned to deliver in this changing environment by providing our clients with immunity to complexity,” says Sanjeev Sularia. IntelligenceNODE mainly provides help with the pricing and process re-engineering backed by technology knowhow, consulting & advisory.

More about IntelligenceNODE here.


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