Inviting nominations for YourStory Early Stage Startup Awards!

As the year draws to a close, a feeling of nostalgia sets in. What were the highs, the lows and what will the future hold is a common anxiety that we all share. But before the party mood sets in and you all start planning your vacations, we need your help.

In keeping with the spirit of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we’re looking to reward the best early stage startup company. This entirely democratic award will reward the best early stage, i.e. on that was founded in or after January 2011. So just send us your nomination for the Early Stage Startup Awards, alongwith your name and organization. The company that receives the maximum votes, wins! However, please note that you cannot nominate your own company.

While we already placed our bets through 'Techsparks- India's largest technology product recognition platform' and 'Mobisparks- Discover the Next Gen of Mobile Entrepreneurs' this year, it time for you to play jury. This is the ‘popular award’ category and startups from any field can be nominated.

What do the winners get?

An announcement would be made on the 30th of December via a most about the top startups and the top 9 startups will get a place in the 'Featured Section' on YourStory PAGES for a fortnight in January! (currently the companies with most complete profiles are in the 'featured section')

May the most popular win!

(We’d also like you to nominate your favourite mentors/role model and which you think is the next big sector where startups will emerge)

We'd look forward to your participation! And wish you a very happy new year :)


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