LinkedIn Launches [in]cubator for Its Employees; The Natural Progression for Hackdays?

This article is part of the series called Startup Hatch, about incubators and accelerators in the startup ecosystem.

Yes, you heard it right. LinkedIn has recently launched its own [in]cubator where it promotes entrepreneurship within its employees. The term for it is intrapreneurship and it is no new concept but this in a way formalizes it (read this interview with Professor Ajay Dixit for more on Intrapreneurship). LinkedIn announced via a blog post about the [in]cubator as the "next step in employee-led innovation".

The [in]cubator was inspired by hackday, a Friday each month when employees are encouraged to work on just about anything they want. So, what happens at the [in]cubator?

Once a quarter, any LinkedIn employee can come up with an idea, put together a team, and pitch their project to the executive staff. If approved, the team gets to spend up to 3 months of dedicated time turning their ideas into reality.

Now, hackdays have become a part of the culture in many of the blossoming Indian startups as well. Flipkart has its own hack day which takes place at a grand scale (check out 2011 and 2012) and the likes of Innoz have also conducted Hackdays. Slideshare (now acquired by LinkedIn) had also conducted a hackday only for women. Startups are encouraging the trend and Friday evenings are being dedicated to more of information sharing and cultivating a culture of 'being curious.'

As a company grows, converting these hackdays and taking to the next level by incubating internal teams seems like the way forward. Check out more about the [in]cubator on the LinkedIn Blog.


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