PubMatic Partners with Mobstac; Will offer the service via PubLink, the Enterprise App Marketplace

The world has gone mobile and we have gone with it as well. MobiSparks 2012 saw an audience all ears to capture the latest insight into the domain. Enormous numbers have been pegged at the proliferation of mobiles, in particular smartphones. Online firms are observing a considerable amount of traffic via mobile. This has made it imperative for businesses to develop websites for mobile. Also, with distinguished individuals like Dev Khare and Vikramaditya Sharma clearly expressing the imminent unleashing of the power of mobile, one needs no words to explain its significance further.
Earlier this year, Google partnered with MobStac as part of its “Let’s talk Mo” initiative, through which it has been helping AdSense publishers deliver great experiences to their mobile audiences.  MobStac, yesterday announced a partnership with PubMatic, a digital media platform company based in the US. This partnership will enable premium publishers using PubMatic’s real-time media selling platform to build their mobile websites and apps using the MobStac mobile cloud.

MobStac will be offered as a service through PubMatic’s enterprise app marketplace, PubLink. MobStac also entered into a partnership with Garcia Interactive, the interactive arm of designer Dr. Mario R. Garcia’s design firm that has more than 4 decades of experience working with the likes of The Wall Street Journal, The Hindu and more.

These partnerships come at a time when publishers globally understand that, now more than ever, the future of content consumption is on mobile, and look to rapidly build up their mobile presence. MobStac’s mobile cloud is currently used by more than 10,000 publishers worldwide spread across 103 different countries publishing in 12 different languages, and serves over 30 million mobile pages every month.


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