PIR applies for new domain; Certified NGOs might get a .NGO extension from early next year


Public Interest Registry (PIR) runs the .ORG domain space online. As one of the original domains, .ORG has been shaped by the global community as the place to express ideas, knowledge, and causes on the Internet. In a recent announcement, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) opened doors for more domains and dot org has applied for .NGO.

Here, we get in conversation with Channel Manager of PIR, Anand Vora to understand the structure and when this might become available.

Why .NGO?

The NGO term holds great weight among their communities, setting these organizations apart from commercial or governmental entities. The NGO community plays host to many different types of organizations operating in a variety of areas. Environmental, educational, religious, and emergency relief are just a few areas in which NGOs operate. PIR believes that each of these communities could benefit from a specific , exclusive identification on the Internet provided by .NGO. .NGO is the exclusive domain address for self-identified NGOs worldwide.

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