"Everyone in a software team has to think design" - Ramesh Krishnan, Head of UX and Mobility, Mphasis


User experience and Mobility are two hot key words in today’s world of technology based businesses. These are new concepts which the world is still coming to terms with and requires a drastic shift in product development ideologies which a few have learnt, let alone mastered. Ramesh Krishnan, Head of Mobility and UX at Mphasis is one of the renowned names in this nascent field and was one of the panelists at MobiSparks. Here we have him sharing his views on the practices that he leads as Mphasis, on trends in Mobility and on the burning issues of UI and UX for Mobility.

“In India, UI and UX is more driven by marketing and not a lot of them actually have a dedicated team working on UI and UX. I believe in the longer run, this team shouldn’t be required and every member in the team need to think of the product from a design perspective. You must put yourselves in the user’s shoes and see if they will use it the way you think they will. Show your designs to everyone you know and put it in the public eye. This is the best way to validate your product rather than doing research.”

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